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People First Technology Recruitment

Hiring Solutions That Connect

Results for Employers
Finding people isn’t the challenge in hiring the best technology professionals; engaging and evaluating them is.  Recruition’s team of experienced technical recruiters actively network and direct source prospective candidates, assess, and then match them with your specific environment and needs.

The result is very few, high quality submissions without the countless hours wasted interviewing the wrong people who only had the right keywords.

Confidential Search
Business Needs Qualification
Quality Submissions
Guaranteed Hires
Technical Skills Assessments
Market Analysis (Salary, Availability, etc)
360° Service

Our Hiring Process
Hiring your ideal IT professional is a lot more than simply posting a job offer. We measure risk, management, controlled outcome and eliminating the wrong candidate. You receive the results! With an ever changing IT world.

Role Intake/ Qualification

Compare business needs against current market climate.

Sourcing, Interviews & Evaluations

Directly identify, engage, and evaluate the best candidates for your needs.

Present Top 3 Candidates

Submissions include a clearly defined value proposition; why is this person great?

Post-Offer Support

From offer negotiation, background checks, and onboarding, we provide continuous engagement to ensure success with your new employee!

Benefits for Technology Professional
With the competitive demand for talent increasing exponentially with each emerging technology, it’s about time that recruiters treated prospective candidates with the respect you deserve.  We view ours as a position of information broker, we help you understand the market, map your career, and evaluate the right environment where you’ll thrive.  For us, there’s no such thing as a bad connection and we want to get to know you as a whole person, helping you define your specific value proposition.

Career Planning
Position / Company Evaluation
Value Proposition
Offer Negotiation
Market Analysis (Employers, Compensation, etc)
360° Service

Candidate Experience

Recruition cultivates meaningful relationships with talented individuals that are more than a transaction to us.  When we engage our candidates, we will help you navigate the market, map your future, and articulate your value proposition.  This way, even if one we don’t have a current opening to match your skills, you’ll be better equipped and more successful in finding your next great challenge.

Career Planning

What are you looking for in your next great challenge?

Interviews & Evaluation

Let’s talk about what makes you unique and how you create value.

Navigate the Company Process

What information do you need to determine if this is the right move? We’ll also help you deliver the right information, so there’s no doubt about your abilities.

Post-Offer Support

We help you with offer negotiation, leaving your current employer with grace, and starting your new role stress-free.

Hire Smarter


Recruition is a leading Toronto Technology Recruitment firm that helps companies attract exceptional IT talent. See how we can help you hire better, hire less and retain more.

Present your Best Self

Job Seeker

We’d love to get to know you! Working closely with one of our recruiters we’ll help you map your career, understand the market, and articulate the unique value that you bring to the table.

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