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Technology businesses are competing for the best talent. Finding people is easy; engaging them is challenging. Our candidate experience is second to none, which means Recruition gives you access to passive professionals who otherwise ignore the countless job ads and pushy recruiters inundating their inboxes. This means better representation for you in the market and more engaged candidates. It’s about humanizing hiring.
While we have experience in all facets of technology,
we are particularly adept at navigating the highly competitive Product Development roles;

Product Design









and DevOps


Data Science
and Machine Learning


Technical Expertise. Quality Candidates. No-Brainer Hires.

We take our time getting to know our candidates so that your decision is easy. It’s like having crystal-ball  insights into how a person will fit and perform in your organization.

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We are trusted by over 30+ companies dolest pellit, etur, arci conserunt, optatur, conseriae nobitatis sequodigenis sitatio nserum is mollatquae ex estrumadi cor sum.

Our Strong Growth Record 
Speaks for Itself!

We’re trusted by over 30 companies (and counting!)  In most cases the successful candidate is selected from our initial submission of 3 candidates. How can Recruition help you and your business?
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Opportunity cost is a thing. Hire smarter and recapture your time.

The average shortlist of 3 candidates takes between 50-100 hours to assemble! This is because Recruition evaluates the whole market, not just the active applicant pool, and we send only the best.  You’ll get deep insights to each person and their value proposition, so you can quickly determine whether there is a fit.  Less time interviewing, more time innovating.


Average Submit to Hire Ratio


Satisfied Customers

Flexibility for Whatever Your Workforce Needs

Recruition has you covered for those times when you don’t require a full-time person for a specific project.  We maintain an active roster of independent contractors who are well known to us, so you can expect the same high quality and attention to detail from your temporary workforce as we put into each full time search.

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Temporary and Contingent Workforce Solutions

Our Temporary Staffing arrangements allow you to hire both Incorporated Independent Contractors and Temporary Employees for term or project engagements.  Whether you need Term Contracts, Temporary Staff, Independent Contractors, Temp-to-Hire, or Payroll Services, we make sure that you are always up to date with the latest Employment Standards legislation.

Independent Contractors

For those times when you need an expert for a product build, project delivery, or special initiative but don’t require a long term commitment, Recruition has a deep network of the best Technology Consultants in Canada.  Typical engagements last from 3 months to 1 year, and you always have the option to end early or renew.

Temporary Employees

Fluctuating business needs can mean more hands on deck required.  Our temporary staff are scrutinized to the same stringent standards as full time staff, which is probably why many companies have opted to hire our temps into permanent roles!

Hire Better—Together

Don’t waste another minute interviewing the wrong candidates. Let Recruition remove the hard work of assembling your viable shortlist so your interview process is actually enjoyable. 


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