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Good Recruiter/Bad Recruiter

April 5, 2022

It’s time to demand more from the recruiters profiting from your career decisions. Plus three secrets that Bad Recruiters don’t want you to know.


Leading Effective In-Person Interviews

March 25, 2022

The more transparent you are about your business needs, the better able candidates will be in delivering the information you need to decide if they’...

Employer and Interviews

How Process Sabotages Hiring

September 10, 2020

The idea is that the process helps you identify those risks and then decide HOW you will mitigate them if you bring this person on board, not just rev...


Resume Writing is Not a Natural Act

August 8, 2020

You’re forgiven if the idea of updating your resume is about as welcome as a root canal. Trying to distill a lifetime of experience onto a couple of ...

Diversity Hiring

“Best Qualified for the Job” and Other Racist Myths

July 6, 2020

Let’s look at the anatomy of a job description, the measure by which we determine who is “best qualified”. Usually there’s a brief company profile, a ...

May 8, 2020

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