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People First Technology Recruitment

We believe in a world where a person can be their whole self, their best self, at work.
That starts with how you hire them.


People Powering Technology

Recruition was borne of the idea that a person’s value can’t be captured on a piece of paper.  We strive to get to know the person behind the resume and deliver only candidates that have been thoroughly vetted to our client’s most stringent standards.


Our people-first approach yields better relationships with the best technology professionals in Canada. Through active networking, we help people plan their careers, not just stack a database. Stronger candidate connections means a more engaged talent pool and less effort to hire.


Our job isn’t just to find people, we evaluate them as future employees. Our submissions paint a more fulsome picture of the person you’ll be working with, and we stand by our quality.


Our goal is to help you hire better. We’ll provide you with a candid, constructive evaluation of your process, programs, and limitations as compared to the market.

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From beginning to end, our clients and candidates trust us to deliver honest, constructive feedback so that everyone can be their best self!


We match bright professionals with great companies. Our honest approach is successful because of our values, not despite them.

Who We Are

Values Driven Partnership

Hiring can be a terrifying proposition; the right person can help you achieve your goals and carve your future, while the wrong person could drain your resources and disrupt your momentum.  With stakes so high, isn’t it time we stopped distilling talent into a couple of keywords?

A strong, values driven partnership means;

  • Long Term Relationships

  • Broader Market Coverage

  • Investment in Your Hiring Program Success

  • Improved Employer Brand

  • Quality Over Quantity of Submissions

  • Better Fill Rate and Interview-to-Hire Metrics

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Whats makes us different?

The staffing industry has earned a reputation for glossing over the human side of hiring, commoditizing talent and distilling all the wonderful uniqueness of clients and candidates into a few keywords in order to move quickly.

For us the process is about discovery and we’re not afraid to go slow so that you can go fast. Hiring decisions - made easy.


3:1 Submit to Hire Ratio


Overall Fill Rate

Hire Smarter


Recruition is a leading Technology Recruitment Firm in Toronto that helps companies attract exceptional talent. See how we can help you hire better, hire less, and retain more.

Present your Best Self


We’d love to get to know you! Working closely with one of our recruiters we’ll help you map your career, understand the market, and articulate the unique value that you bring to the table.

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