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1. The act of finding, attracting, and evaluating the best person for the job.
2. Kind of like recruitment... but better.

is about people


We’re technology enthusiasts too, but we have a long way to go before we can trust machines to make hiring decisions for us.  Where most solutions commoditize talent by relying on keywords, Recruition helps employers create bespoke Search Plans as unique as the people you hire.


Job Seeker

Tired of being reduced to a keyword matrix? Recruition works with talented technology professionals to craft your value proposition, assess the job market, and plan your next move. We work with top employers to provide you with a wide array of opportunities, no matter your area of interest.


This is the information age where finding people isn’t the challenge; evaluating them is. Recruition’s team of experienced technical recruiters assess candidates to match your specific environment and business needs. No more keyword-driven resume submissions and endless time wasted interviewing the wrong people.

Let’s Work Together

Recruition chooses to see business challenges and opportunities differently, not as a list of skills or technologies typically found in job descriptions and resumes, but in the creativity and potential of the people on both sides of a successful hire. We look forward to meeting you!

Services We Provide

In this information age, finding the right people isn’t the challenge; attracting, evaluating, and retaining them is. Recruition will help you stay abreast of the key technology and employer trends, competitive compensation, interview techniques, and meaningful tools to connect with your future employees.

Permanent Search

From the executive ranks to front line staff, Recruition offers bespoke search plans, mapped to your business OKRs. We provide in depth market research and execute a surgical engagement campaign to deliver fewer, higher probability candidates.

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Contract Placements

Need the flexibility and expertise of an independent consultant for a specific project? Let Recruition’s Virtual Bench of highly qualified consultants help you with technology decisions, full SDLC and deployment, change and project management, audit, security, or networking.

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Payroll Services

Already have a contractor in mind? Looking to keep your contract staff truly independent? Recruition’s payroll arrangement insulates our clients from Employer of Record obligations and ensures your temporary workforce is compliant with all current Employment Standards legislation.

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Recruition helps to ensure your new hire is set up for success by providing continuous support even after the hire. We make sure expectations are managed on both sides, facilitating communication and even providing coaching where needed. In the unlikely event that a placement doesn’t work out, we provide guarantee for finding a replacement at no additional cost.

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We Know Product Development


Technology organizations know that delivering beautiful, functional, and intuitive software requires more than just a stack of technologies or working toward minimum viable product; these systems need thoughtful design, seamless integrations, and small code bases from inception through deployment in order to perform at every scale.




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Top Skills. Big Results.

Let our team of recruiters unlock this passive market of Product Development pros so you get the best of the best, not just the best of what’s available.

  • Solution Architects, Software Engineers, QA Test Automation, and DevOps

  • Cloud Engineering, Site Reliability, Systems and Network Administration

  • Data Science Engineering and Architecture, Big Data Strategy, Machine Learning and AI

  • Product Management, UI/UX Design, ProdSecOps and more


We’re Leaders in Technology Recruitment


Why? Because we operate on 3 core covenants to our clients;


Your time is valuable, we’ll never waste it by sending too many or long-shot candidates.


We will hold your process sacred; no back door deals or high pressure sales tactics.


We will ALWAYS give you honest feedback; on our candidates, the process, and the broader market, even if it makes us look bad.

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Tech Hiring

Behind the titles are real people; diverse, unique, and human.  At Recruition we strive to eliminate the commoditization of skills by getting to know the person behind the resume.  Our thorough evaluation process helps candidates articulate their value and clients see the whole person.

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